'Relationships; Keeping Them Intact!'
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All relationships regardless of what kind they may be, as a single, married, friendships etc, they require work. There are numerous things that have to be taken into consideration such as appreciating one another, not assuming or taking each other for granted, forgiveness, patience, and tolerance. These attributes have to be a continuous part of every relationship for it to be lasting and successful.

One of the major decisions for the Christian single today is whether or not 'to date.' Regarding this subject, Christian singles will hear all kinds of pros and cons, opinions and advice. However the bottom line is the decision is totally up to you. Because no matter what you hear from others, you are going to decide based mainly on what you feel is best for you. Often times, singles feel pressured to date because they don't want to spend a lot of time alone or by themselves. You must be sure that if you do date, you are dating for the right reasons. Not because others  have encouraged you to do so, not because you think that you are lonely, and not because you are anxious or frustrated with waiting for God to send you someone. These are 'all' the wrong reasons for dating! If you have decided to date, make sure you have prayed and consulted God about His will for you at this time, how you should proceed and who to trust. When you date, use some good ole fashioned 'common sense.' Don't go on a one-on-one date, that's too much temptation! Take a friend or friends along for moral support and safety. Don't get drawn into intense conversations, stick with light and wholesome topics. Change topics if you feel at all uncomfortable and be very upfront with how you feel. Pay attention to things that are said regarding their 'personal relationship' with the Lord, what church they go to, how regular, and how important is obeying the Word of God to them. These are vital issues and depending on the answers that are given, you will know if this is someone you should continue seeing on a dating basis.

'Dating and the Christian single'

'Celebrating The 30 Yr. Mark In Marriage!'

The couple you see at your left reside in Fort Wayne, IN and they just celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary by renewing their wedding vows. Harry and Beverly Mitchell celebrated 30 years of marriage on April 23rd. I was blessed to attend their beautiful and elegant ceremony. It was truly breath taking from start to finish. I remember thinking to myself, when I celebrate my 10th anniversary, I want it to be like this! But about a week or so later after this grand affair was over, I had an opportunity to talk to Beverly and I asked her, 'what does it take to get to the 30 year mark in marriage?' She paused for a moment as if to consider her words very wisely, then she said, "A whole lot of patience, understanding, forgiveness and love." She also said, "Many people looked at how elaborate our renewal ceremony was and how much time effort and cost went into it, but no one knows what we have come through to get to this point and yet have remained together." She took the time to show me her reward for the time, patience, understanding and love she had put in the relationship. On her ring finger was a gorgeous 3-carat diamond ring. But isn't 30 years of good times, difficult times, ups, downs, ins and outs,  perseverance, trials, prayers and victories worth this or more? I truly believe that it is! In a world where marriages are barely lasting 30 days and somehow this is depicted to be the norm and 30 years something rare! This is not the way it was meant to be; God intended for marriage to be forever and He confirmed this in His Word when He said He hates divorce. It is indeed a blessing to celebrate 30 years together and most of all to know that by the 'grace of God' you remain in His divine will. 
'Congratulations again, Harry & Beverly Mitchell, God's blessings for many more.' 

  'Harry & Beverly Mitchell'
Celebrating 30 yrs. of marriage
For the family, what does it mean to get 'back to basics?' To understand this, we have to consider what the family is all about; what is its foundation. The 'nuclear family' is almost becoming extinct, there are so many substitutions for family now some acceptable and some aren't according to God's Word. In a world where just about anything is being tolerated, Christian families must make time for quality time with their children. Share God's Word and let them know what the bible says is God's standard for us as His people. Remind them that though they may see and hear many different things from others, God expects us to follow the directions and guidelines He has given to us in His Word. Let them know that there are consequences for not obeying His Word and when we obey, we are pleasing to Him and aligned for His blessings. Getting back to basics with our families is reminding each one of God's expectations for our lives and living up to those expectations to the best of our ability.

'Getting back to basics is taking time for family!

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